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Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev share his post from the hospital

Kapil Dev, who won India's first World Cup, there has been a lot of relief news. Kapil Dev's End Plastic has been a...
shashi tharoor

India US will ensure extraordinary importance to its relations

India US relations have reached a level, uh you know to escape from the velocity as one might say which um means...

BJP wants to retire Nitish Kumar, and induct its own CM

BJP So it is that the Prime Minister who is riding two horses. And will take a horse and leave it somewhere and...
PM Modi in Bihar

UPA stalled Bihar’s development for 10 years

UPA stalled Bihar's development for 10 years these people took their anger out on the people of Bihar Bihar while under the...
PM Modi in Bihar

PM Modi on opposition call to restore Article 370

PM Modi today this situation has become these people!  I do not want to hesitate even to support the people who are...