Pogaru Review 2021 By Dhruva Sarja

Pogaru Movie Review 2021 Shiva, a ruffian, is in many ways the terror of his region, but still has a heart of gold. She just has a wish, a way for her mother to love her completely.

Review: Pogeru released with a lot of expectations as the first major release since the onset of the epidemic. It also marks the return of Dhruva Sarja on the big screen after four years. The way a Dhruva Sarja expects the film entertains the film. But is it longer than the rest? Not so much.

The film starts on a simple basis. A young boy who loses his father, Shiva longs for his mother’s love. There is a misunderstanding between mother and son,


leading to Shiva evolving into a ruffian who lives on his own terms without worrying about the people around him. Romance is a temper of bromance, sisterhood, and action, but the whole is a pole. The actor remains on screen for almost all runtimes.

Pogaru Movie 1
Pogaru Movie

What appeals about the film is the Dhruva actor made for the camera. He is good when he dances, does comedy, fights or gets emotional. And the film has a bonus with a childhood flashback episode that shows the actor in a physical transformation as a teenager who deserves much praise.

And, of course, he takes four international bodybuilders to the climax which are equally thrilling.


For Pogaru’s story, there is just a thin line that seems to stretch across a full narrative that lasts about three hours. More than the story, it is the dialogues that entertain.

Pogaru Movie 2
Pogaru Movie

Visuals are also good. However, one cannot help but think in such waking times that one needs the support of such wrong love and feelings.

Pogaru is definitely a festival for Dhruva Sarja fans, and for those who like mass entertainment in the old school style. This will give you enough room to travel and shout on the big screen.