Michigan Wolverines Men’s Basketball

Michigan Wolverines Men’s Basketball he No. 3 Michigan basketball team won its fourth straight win by beating the Rutgers Thursday night, going 10-1 to play the Big Ten with physical play,

On the back of yet another balanced scoring effort and another stellar defensive performance. He’s been gone. In 1977.

Michigan Wolverines went off to a slow start to a convincing 71-64 win against the offensive defense of the Scarlet Knights and in a game that saw both teams make frenetic, efficient defenses.


Franz Wagner’s senior wing led the way for the Wolverines, scoring 20 points on 6-for-9 shooting, including taking Michigan to 11 at 3:09 with 1:09 left and effectively closing the game.

With eight rebels, Hunter Dickinson scored 10 points, while Isaiah Liver scored seven points, six rebels, three assists, and three blocks for all-round success. Also, Mike Smith added 12 points.

The Wolverines (10-1 Big Ten, 15-1 overall) led the event with 17 points, but by the start and end of the competition, Michigan had plenty to be desired.


The Wolverines committed three turnovers, trailed 11-6, and made just 2 of their first 7 attempts. However, Michigan scored 16-4 and took 23 of 13 shots to close the first half with a lead of 37.5. Seven different players from Michigan took many shots,