IPL 2021: Africa players may not be available to the 22nd 23rd of April

IPL 2021: Africa players may not be available to the 22nd 23rd of April the last IPL s of course played in the UAE and now we’re getting ready for another IPL for the first step of another IPL 2021.

Which is the mini-auction now what are the factors to look at first of all it’s not a full auction because they’ve deferred the idea of having an extra team to next year.

IPL 2021 so it’s a mini-auction that’ll hit teams like CSK that are looking to revamp their set up completely so that’s one thing to consider.


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The second is what does it clash with so just a couple of things to point out there just recently series announced a white ball series between South Africa and Pakistan that goes up to the 16th of April.

And that will mean with the six-day quarantine I’m assuming it’s going to be six days some of the South African players may not be available to the 22nd 23rd of April.


We don’t have a starting date but I’m assuming that’s at least three or four matches that will affect teams like the Mumbai Indians or Quentin de-Kock.

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Quentin de-Kock

They at the top of the order but especially Delhi Capitals for whom Rabada and Nortje were so good in the UAE when it was played there so that’s one factor.

Kagiso Rabada

The third I’ve just been looking at the calendar and there’s a series starting on the 2nd of June between England and New Zealand I don’t know how rigid those dates are.

But if that does happen there’s a 14-day quarantine there then a lot of the Rajasthan royals players will be headed off there a lot of the new Zealand players like Kane Williamson like Trent Bolt.

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